Monday, January 12, 2009

Hostess Clubs Forming

Christmas is over and all the decorations have been packed away for next year. It's time to diet, organize, clean out, declutter and have fun! Please let me know if you are interested in joining a hostess club for 2009. I have several ladies already signed up. It's a great way to meet new people and have a really great time. I have truly met some of my closet friends through scrap- booking and rubber stamping. Admit it girls, we need each other. There is no better therapy in the world than a group of good friends being creative together. In case you are wandering about the ins and outs of a hostess club, here are the details. ! 10 ladies commit to spending 15.00 monthly for 10 months. Each member takes a turn at being the hostess one month-that month she receives the hostess benefits for the workshop. This is a min. of a level 1 stamp set and 15.00 in free product. If unable to attend the workshop, each member will still place an order for that workshop. Because each lady takes a turn hosting everyone will receive one free current Idea Book and Catalog plus some other goodies. The kick off meeting for Hostess club #1 is Jan. 31st. There are a few spots open so please join us! I made a really cute 3-d project for my friend Kelley. Since we are having our one week of really cold weather this year, I made a kit of Snowman Soup. I'll post details tomorrow. I'm working on 2 computers and the pictures are on the other one. Go figure! Later, Have a really blessed day and be a blessing to someone else.

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