Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Good Ole Summertime

What happened to the "good ole summer time"? There is just no such thing as down time these days! It seems we are always running to and fro, never enough time to do all the things on our to do list. I am so guilty of this attitude, trying to fit in all the things I must do with all the things I really want to do and the few things I really need to do! These can all be different activities. What's the daughter, mother, wife, grandmother, friend and business owner to do when stressed and needing a quick break? Well, I have a suggestion! Create something special! I run in my craft room, grab my paper pumpkin box and in 20-30 minutes have made several cards or a cute birthday banner or small brag book. Just that little break and time to be relax and be creative can renew my energy and get me back on track. So What is MY Paper Pumpkin?, you ask. It is Stampin' Up's new monthly creative escape! Visit  see pictures  and sign up for a trial kit or for the next 2 months get the regular kit for only 10.00! After that the price will be 19.95 and that includes shipping. One more thing, when you sign up I'd really appreciate it if you name me, Cindy Waldroff, as your demo. Thanks. Have a blessed day and ago be a blessing to someone else!

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