Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I came up with the best idea!!!!

I am so excited about the envelope I am about to show you. I came up with the original design last Friday night,well really Saturday morning about 3am. I had made a birthday gift card for my mother-in-law and needed an irregular size envie to put it in. I just folded a scrap piece of DSP to cover the card. Then I thought I would add the eyelet punch to the edge (new favorite punch). The card is a little thick and there is a flower button on it, so I was contemplating a closure when it occurred to me I could punch a circle using the 1/2 inch punch where the button was and pull the button through the punched hole! It worked great. The DSP is Candy Lane. The bird on the outside is from that paper also. The second picture is "anyone just like the other one", I made this one for my friend, Karen, who if she is reading this is pulling her teeth out as I massacre the English language. On Karen's I used a larger button and a cupcake stamped from Crazy for Cupcakes. I hope you like this idea. I was tickled to actually come up with the idea all by myself. Not the smartest cookie in the dozen. Ya'll have a great day and please, Bless somebody!!!!

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Karen said...

Karen is laughing at you for thinking that she would actually EVER correct your interpretation of the English language! I am proud that my card is on the b-log. I hate the word "blog" it sounds like "blah" and "log" and I can't get past that. I hope that I will see you tomorrow. LYM! K