Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy 50th Birthday Gordon!!!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Gordon, Happy Birthday to you. Today is my older brothers 50th birthday and for a short time he is older than me. We came to be siblings later in life. He is an incredible man. Gordon has CP, but has never let that stop him. He amazes me with how much he gets into. The pictures above show him getting married to a wonderful lady my sister-in-law, Kathie, and then at Christmas holding my grand baby Cadence. She loved Uncle Gordon's power chair rides. I had a picture I tried to download of Gordon on his honeymoon SKYDIVING! Yes, my otherwise intelligent brother jumped out of a perfectly good plane. No, he can't jump, so he was thrown? pushed? fell out? I not sure. But the smile on his face back on the ground says, "He is an adrenaline junky"! Gordon loves politics and lives in D.C. You can find him in line at most rallies or in front of the News offices just hunting out stories. He has a great sense of humor and even does some comedy with his pathfinder(the computer that talks for him). Gordon as usual I'm late with the card. I was going to post it for you today, but I'll save it for another day and let you get it first. Happy Birthday. Love you!

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