Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hey Y'all!
 Fall is finally peeking it's head around the corner in Dixieland. It was the nicest day today. Cool breeze, sunshine and very little humidity! Unusual for this part of the country. this past week we attended The Alabama Shakespeare's Annual Broadway under the Stars. It came a gully washer earlier in the day and we thought the show was going to be cancelled! I was worried. I spent the whole day baking dessert for the 20 plus friends attending with us. And that's what I want to share with you today! I made 24 Coconut Cream pies in mason jars. They were so cute, not to mention delish!!!!   Here is the finished product.
I love Coconut cream pie and have used a recipe out of the 1954 Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking for years.It was one of my mom's first cookbooks she bought, I think,during her Senior year as a Home Ec. major at the University of Southwest Louisiana. I read several blog post about doing pies in jars before I tried it. It worked wonderfully! I cut the crust with the mouth of the jar and used my trusty Pampered Chef  mini tart shaper to tap it into place.
My oven is small! So, my jelly roll pan actually will slide in the grooves like a shelf! I placed the jars on the pan and baked, removed them and let them cool while I made the cream filling. Worked great! Tip- crust needs to be thin!
After I filled them and let them cool for a couple hours, probably should have been longer but I was out of time, I added a dollop of meringue and sprinkled coconut on top, popped them back in the a hot oven just long enough to brown the coconut and meringue. Added lids to some and used cupcake liners to cover some with the jar rings and off to Shakespeare we went! They seemed to be a hit! Will have to try that one again. Better  go clean the kitchen now.Thanks for stopping by. Be Blessed and bless someone else today!

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