Thursday, September 10, 2015

Starting over again!

It's a new Stampin' Up year and I'm starting over again. I wish I had a nickel for every time I have started over at something. I'd be a very wealthy woman! Ok maybe not wealthy,but I'd have a bigger craft room!!!
     So, I ask myself the age old question, Why? Why do I start and not keep going, why do I keep coming back and trying again, why is my mind full of ideas that I never get around to actually doing? Is it lack of motivation? Maybe at times. Is it laziness? Yeah, that could be part of it. Turn on the Hallmark movie and mystery channel and I can do some serious vegging on the couch with a big cup of Sonic ice and Crystal Light Peach Tea! 
      However, I think I have identified 2 of the main reasons at least concerning blogging that keep getting me off tract. The main one and probably most important is an unclear vision of just what I want to do here; the other one is not knowing for sure I am actually connecting with anyone. Is anyone "listening"? 
 I think I have pinpointed my vision. On my Pinterest page there is a short quote about me that says,
 "As for me and my stamps we will serve the Lord!" Favorite things- family, stamping, cooking, serving Jesus! Not necessarily in that order." 
This is what I want to share with you!
     The second area I  will need your help. If you are stopping by, please let me know, if you like something I have shared give me a thumbs up. I'll share more on that later- this post is getting to long! I pray you get some encouragement, some creative ideas or even a good laugh out of what you see here.  God bless y'all! Now, go be a blessing to someone else today and you will be truly blessed.

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