Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Help! I'm stuck.

Well, this time I'm not physically stuck (which has happened)! Today's post is about what to do and where to go when you feel your creative mojo has taken a vaca! Yikes! This really happens to me a lot. I'd like to give you "My secrets to getting back in the groove" so to speak. In my craft room and literally on my work space I usually have half of what I own. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration, but I like having everything close and at my finger-tips. Helpful? Not really. The lazy girl doesn't like to get up and get stuff. but this confused mess often overwhelms the creative queen. So, my first suggestion is clean up the mess! A tidy work space helps me to focus better and not be distracted by clutter.
 Next, Pinterest is my best friend at a time like this. I can just CASE (copy and share everything) something there. But maybe I really want to work on something original. I have a Pinterest board labeled Card Sketches. There are tons of sketch ideas, color combos even challenges there that help me get going again. 
     Speaking of challenges, this is another great way to get back into action. I follow a Facebook page, " Can you Case it?'. They offer a new challenge every Sunday. Sometimes it's a sketch and sometimes a color combo or themed card. Limiting myself to a select few materials again helps me focus. And finally, relax and enjoy the process. Often, I'm in a hurry with a deadline looming and I get stressed. This doesn't help me let the creative juices flow! when I relax and enjoy my "art", stamp something just for the fun of it, I find I end up making something I really like and remembering why I do this. I love to stamp and I love to share it with others!
So, my secrets to stamping great projects are clean up my mess, check out some ideas on Pinterest, CASE something, use a card sketch to get me started, participate in a challenge and finally relax and enjoy what I love to do! I hope these suggestions will help you start to create wonderful works of art. If you need a little creative coaching, let me help. Would really love to hear from y'all. Have a blessed day and be a blessing to someone else, then you will be     truly blessed. See ya later!
PS check back to see the card I made using that card sketch.

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Chasn Paper said...

Great tips on conqering lost mojo!