Monday, May 4, 2009

Secret Weapon

I have a secret weapon that I pull out from time to time when I am in a pinch. I have a real problem with procrastination! I am always planning on getting things done before I need them, but usually those plans are in vain and at the last minute I an scrabbling to finish a project, prepare for a workshop or even clean my cave. This was no different 2 weeks ago while vacationing in St. Augustine. I had planned on seeing two friends I had not visited with in some time (years). Of course being the obsessive stamper I am I wanted to take them each a set of cards or some little gift. I ended up taking one cart of supplies and staying up late into the night making these little treats. On Sunday night I was really tired, so I called on my secret weapon and to the rescue HE came. Yes, my secret weapon is the DH Tommy, i.e. Tombo, Tom Terrific, and occasionally WILLIAM THOMAS! He is a great husband and wonderful man. He has helped with cutting cardstock, scoring, stuffing envies, for classes and swaps. In this picture he is punching holes for brads in another card purse box. I'll show more pictures of the box and cards later, this post is to honor him, my DH of 27 years this month. Thank you Honey and I love you! Yall have a great day and as we say in the South," Go out and bless somebody real good!"

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