Thursday, August 8, 2013

Baking and the Bigshot!

How is that title for an attention grabber? Today I decided to try something I read about on a demo site called Sudsol. It is a great site for information and new ideas. Anyway, we were talking about how to get the warp out of our clear Big shot plates. Someone suggested baking them! Hummm? Clear plastic plates in a medium oven- not so sure, but worth a try. I have 3 sets of these including my very first set I purchased. So, I figured I had nothing to lose if it doesn't work - I have messed up some really old plates that aren't very useful. Here is what I did! This is what my plate looked like at the beginning. I wrapped in in foil, placed it between two baking stones and added another heavy stone on top.

Turned the oven on 325 degrees and baked for 25 minutes. Took it out, unwrapped it and put it on the table with a heavy book on top until it cooled down. there was actually a little brown flaky material on top that I just brushed off. Can you see the difference in the picture? It doesn't look a lot better, but it is flat again!!!! And a good bit of the cutting lines are gone.Definitely worth a try. Well, gotta run. Be blessed and be a blessing to someone else.     Happy stamping!