Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Haunting!

Well, our favorite saying this time of year is "The only ghost around here is HOLY!" While I'm not a fan of celebrating all things spooky and evil- I am a fan of this time of year! I love the fall! And along with fall comes the tradition of Halloween. Cadie was a cute dalmatian this year and Cooperman donned an Iron man costume for this years fun activates. I think little Bear is going to be baby Frankenstein? He is way to cute for that!No cute pictures of those yet! But I would like to share with you some precious and super easy treats I made for Cooperman's class this year.
Y'all these were unbelievably the easiest treat I have ever made!
I bought a bag of jumbo pumpkin marshmallows at Target. I melted some chocolate Almond Bark in a ziplock bag. Cut the corner and drizzled the chocolate over the marshmallows, then shook on the sprinkles! That's it! Easy Peasy.
After they dried. I place a pumpkin on top of a graham cracker square and placed them in a small treat bag and tied the end with a piece of bakers's twine. (forgot to take picture of that step) Last, I made 2.5 inch square boxes with the box punch board decorated them and placed the treat inside! I made about 15 but only took this one picture and it's not the cutest one, but you get the idea! I also made some really cute "pumpkin cakes" for my PT team who have been doing amazing wonders on my back and neck!They actually fought over the boxes I made to put them in! That made my day!
I really thought they drool over the cakes! Oh well, I need to get busy,so until next time! Love yall and thanks for stopping by!Till next time be blessed and go bless someone else today!

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