Tuesday, September 26, 2017

World Gratitude Day!

Good morning Peeps! Did you know Thursday was World Gratitude Day? I didn't until someone told me on Wednesday and it got me to thinking a couple things. One- just how grateful I am for so many blessings in my life and two, how do I share that with others around me?
Oh WOW! My list is very long! I am most grateful for my salvation through Jesus Christ. I must start there. I am grateful for my amazing husband (I definitely won the man lottery), and my awesome friends, many I have met because of my Stampin' Up! business which would be next on my list. I am so very thankful to have had the opportunity Stampin' Up! has given us to travel together and to meet new friends
all over the world. This picture is from Sorrento, Italy. Tommy and I were blessed to meet Penny and Ed and Karen and Aaron on an excursion while on the Mediterranean Cruise Incentive trip I earned in 2015. It was my first Grand Vacation Incentive trip. It was awesome! In July this year, we were again privileged to get to spend a couple days with these same amazing couples. Kicker- Penny and Ed are from the Nebraska, Aaron and Karen from Australia! We also had the opportunity to meet folks from Germany, UK and France. How stickin' cool is that? Oh, did I mention Stampin' Up pays for this? This one is in Thailand this summer. The farewell party was just unbelievable.

So, next is how do we share or show our gratitude?  Cards of course! Beautiful, hand-made "hugs with a fold in the middle".  Or maybe just a small treat that lets someone know you appreciate them. I love to drop off little treats at the bank, doctors office when I have to visit, for the school secretary when I check in to have lunch with my grands, there are many people I come in contact with on a daily bases that make my life easier, giving them a little thank you feels good.
I'm out of time and room! Please come back tomorrow for the rest of the story! Y'all are awesome. Thanks for following me on my journey!  Be blessed and please let someone else know how much they are a blessing to you!

                                                      Love Stamping in Dixie,

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