Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Franken Artist and Big News!

Hey Star Stampers!  Very important- read to the end!!!Hope you are having a great week. Just returned from Salt Lake City Monday night late and yesterday was my birthday! It was a great day, but I have to share my birthday card from my dear Hubby, Tombo! So Tombo isn't really an accomplished stamper. He helps me and does really good on some things but, design and actual stamping- he still needs practice. So when he gave me his card I was blown away. It was really pretty good! I looked at it though thinking it kind of looked familiar, but not really. I know it wasn't one of my stash but something rang a bell. So where did this card come from? Tommy took several cards and card fronts from my swaps and pulled pieces off and created his own card. On the back he printed and placed a little tag - Cracked me up!
Okay, I will admit I didn't get it right away. He had to explain, like Frankenstein was put together from different pieces- so was this card. One of the things I love about this man, he has a different sense of humor!

Okay now for
the Big News. If you haven't heard(what cave are you in) Stampin' Up is launching the reserve period for a new product called the Stamparatus! I was fortunate to get to work on the L2L team for the past 2 + years to get to have input in the development of this new tool! And I will tell you, It is AWESOME! You are going to love it! So- You need to go to my website and set up an account if you don't already have one. Then tomorrow at 3 pm central time get online and reserve your
Stamparatus! It will not ship until February nor will you be billed until it ships. But you will be in the first group to get your hands on this great tool. There will be two more reserve windows if you don't get in on the first one. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Okay. Gotta run. Have a very blessed day and be a blessing to those around you.
Love stamping in Dixie,

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