Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Hi Girls, It has been a great day here in Dixieland. Hot, Hot, Hot! They are predicitng 100 degree temps tomorrow and Thursday and it "ain't even summer yet!" Me and the Future Stampers of America (Cadie and Haley, 2 yrs.old now) have been spending alot of time in the pool. "Wimm, CeCe wimm" is Cadie's first sentence when she arrives each morning about 7:30. And after breakfast wimm we do. They look like little fish, or maybe turtles! So, I am showing yall pictures to day! Also, as you can see I have been crowned and I am really excited!!!! The banner is not there yet, but hopefully before long. This is Cadie. Haley didn't make it into the swimming pictures. Have a blessed day GRITS (Girls Raised In The South)and go bless somebody else!

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