Monday, October 16, 2017

Happy Bosses Day!

Good morning! Another Monday and another celebration. Yep, today is Bosses Day! I kind of thought everyday was "Bosses Day"? Don't get me wrong I have the best boss ever. She can a be a slave-driver, very demanding, definitely a procrastinator and at times the most unorganized person I know. Other things I know about her: She loves the Lord Jesus Christ, she loves her family unconditionally, she enjoys meeting new people, loves to travel to new places, loves to laugh, bake and create! Today I think I will schedule her a massage, give her time for a nap and I may even clean her house! Yes, I have an awesome boss!
Well, If you haven't guessed by now, I am my own boss! One of the wonderful advantages of Stampin' Up! I am my own boss. I love that! I sent my schedule,
I determine my income, I set my own goals and I really enjoy getting to be creative and share that with others. I think Stampin' Up is an awesome company to be a part of. I love that for 99.00 plus tax, you can own your own business! So yes, today is a blatant commerical for joining my team, Dixie Star Stampers! Then, you can be your own boss! I'm just a click away, so if you have an questions ask them! Happy to help you start a great adventure. Click here to find out more information and to get started.
I'm off to get the day started. Hurry back for more creative inspiration this week. Stampin' Friends Blog hop is Thursday! You really don't want to miss that one. It is always full of great ideas. Also are you on my email list? Week 3 of the 12 weeks of Christmas will go out Wednesday. Sign up today. Have a blessed day and be a blessing to someone you come in contact with today. Mail a card to someone who might need a hug or just a thinking of you! You can make a difference.
                 Love stamping in Dixie,


Anonymous said...

Happy Boss' Day! I am so enjoying the 12 days of Christmas emails. Thank you!

Alabama Debbie said...

I totally forgot it was Boss Day, so now my boss will get to celebrate twice this week!