Monday, October 9, 2017

Happy Columbus Day!

Hope you are having a blessed day, maybe you have the day off for the holiday and are getting to relax. Or maybe get much needed projects done. I spent the morning with Lee-lee and the grand kids before Aunt Lee had to return to North Carolina. We all miss her, but it was a great visit and she got to spend time with all the family. We will see her again in December for the first family vacation/cruise. All 14 of us are doing a cruise for the holidays. I'm praying for a fabulous time for all of us from my mom at 83 to the youngest grandson, Barrett,
at almost 3.
So, I was trying to think of what kind of card should I share today? The only thing I can come up are these. I love the High Tide stamp set with the lighthouse. I'm guessing Christopher Columbus would have liked a lighthouse to guide his way, but then history would have been very different. So, today we have had a dreary rainy day. I'm hoping for sunny skies tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by today. I know I posted later that usual but, it was a busy morning. I'll be back tomorrow. If you'd like instructions for these cards, leave me a comment. Thanks. Be blessed today and bless someone else around you. Be kind, tender-hearted, forgetting each other- just like our Heavenly Father in Christ has forgiven us. (that's my paraphrase of Ephesians 4:32)
         Love Stamping in Dixie,                                                                Cindy                

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