Sunday, October 8, 2017

More storms!

I for one will be happy when this hurricane season is over! We are preparing for yet another storm to move through today. Being so far inland you wouldn't think we had to worry much but it seems like every storm lately has wanted to dump a load of rain on us. So, we are home, no church today do to bad weather and city officials want everyone to stay home.
So, I decided to do a challenge for myself this month. I started October 1st and have been mailing a card or package to someone everyday! Today's the 8th day and it's Sunday, since the mail doesn't run on Sunday, I mailed 2 cards yesterday. I happened to hear of a little boy who is in the hospital. Halloween is his favorite holiday, so I mailed him Halloween card. Cadie and Cooper got wind of this and decided they wanted to send him a card also. So technically I mailed one and they sent one. But I'm taking credit for both. There! As you can see in this photo, I love to stamp on my envelopes. It just lets the recipient of the mail know it's happy mail!!!! I figure the mail carrier gets to enjoy it also. So now I challenge you- if you have a stack of unused cards- what are you waiting for? Mail them! I truly believe getting a happy card in the mail, or a sympathy card is like a hug from someone who took the time to show they care. I hope AI can get you some creative inspiration for your paper crafting and if you have any questions or need any product, just shoot me an email or leave a comment below. Thanks. Blessing from Alabama.
Love stamping in Dixie,

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